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Chin Implant / Cheek Augmentation

Posted October 04, 2017 in News

Cheek / Chin Augmentation rendering

Chin enhancement is a fairly common surgical procedure that can be performed alone or in conjunction with rhinoplasty, neck liposuction and contouring, or facelift surgery to more ideally bring into balance the aesthetic proportions of the face. For this surgical procedure Dr. Buckingham recommends an implant consisting of Silicone. The implant contours precisely to the native tissue, thereby allowing exacting augmentation with a low risk of the patient feeling the implant. The procedure is performed in the office under oral sedation, and provides a complete recovery in approximately one week. During the consultation, an analysis of the patients face from a profile view will be performed and recommendations made with the assistance of digital imaging.

Cheek Augmentation

For the patient with a weak cheekbone structure, their appearance may be enhanced with cheek augmentation. After a facial analysis, cheek augmentation may be recommended depending on the patients goals and expectations. In his surgical practice of facial plastic surgery Dr. Buckingham recommends the preformed or “custom” Implantec cheek implants as he feels they have advantages over the other FDA approved implants available for cheek augmentation. The procedure is performed in the office under oral sedation and provides a recovery period of approximately one week.

For patients with good underlying bone structure who have merely undergone facial aging, the cheek may be restored to its youthful position using endoscopic midface lifting and/or facial lipocontouring (Facial Fat Transfer). One of the cardinal signs of aging is the loss of the plump round cheeks of youth. This occurs because of gravitational changes pulling the cheek mound down and also because of the overall loss of facial volume. Unfortunately as we age we lose the youthful fat cells in the cheeks and gain them in the waist-line. Fortunately with a little help those extra cells in the waist can then be used to replace the lost volume in the face. This is done using a minimally invasive tiny incision in the belly area to gather the cells which are then placed into the cheek and facial area without incicions using one mm micro cannulas thereby restoring the youthful contours. More information in facial lipocontouring is available on this website.

To determine if a patient is a good candidate for cheek/chin augmentation, Dr. Buckingham recommends a private consultation with the assistance of digital imaging.