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Temporomandibular Joints Surgery (TMJ) in Los Angeles, CA

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What is a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder?

The temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are a crucial part of the face, because they are the foundation of jaw health. TMJs determine the position of the jaws, how the face develops and functions, the appearance of the face, and the comfort level of the mouth and jaw.

Without healthy TMJs, a patient receiving corrective jaw surgery might not achieve their desired outcome.

Some symptoms of TMJ disorders include the following:

  • Earaches
  • Headaches
  • Inability to fully open one’s mouth
  • Pain when opening one’s mouth
  • Dental or facial deformities
  • Sleep trouble
  • Myofascial pain



Arthroscopic Surgery and Arthrocentesis — Surgeons at Jaw Surgery Los Angeles have special instruments to help loosen the joint or to move a disc that has been displaced and is causing the joint not to function properly. They can also inject a solution to help reduce any adhesions and attempt to “clean the joint”. Fortunately, this is rarely needed and much more conservative non-surgical treatments are often very successful.

Open Arthroplasty — This is a surgical procedure where an incision is made in front of the ear to access and surgically repair or reconstruct the TM joint and/or move, remove, and replacing a displaced disc. This procedure is not typically recommended or performed by specialists at Jaw Surgery LA and is rarely necessary. It is only recommended in extreme cases where all conservative treatments and protocols have been exhausted. Fortunately, at Jaw Surgery LA specialists have developed protocols and procedures that are very effective for most patients suffering from temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction.

Total Joint Replacement — Specialists at Jaw Surgery Los Angeles do not recommend replacing the TM joint. There are much more effective protocols and treatments and total joint replacement is very rarely necessary and is not always successful, as evidenced by the literature and reporting of specialists at Jaw Surgery LA and experienced fellow specialists and surgeons worldwide. Unlike knee or hip surgery, total joint replacement of the TMJ is precarious and unpredictable.